Rachel Fandi, singer song writer, of French and Beninese origins, goes on with her musical journey with a strong will to reconnect to her African roots. Driven by a genuine curiosity and eclecticism beyond usual, she enjoys expressing herself through Jazz, soul, classical lyric, Gospel, adding now west African rhythms. This artist displays an undeniable inner strength and affirms her singular musical personality over the years
Rachel Fandi turns her lyrics into stories conveying insightful things she learned from her mistakes through challenging situations such as facing her innermost fears. Far from doom and gloom but all about self improvement, expending personal boundaries in turning dreams into reality. Her voice colors her melodies with an intense emotional flair resulting in a vivid rendition from soulful to lyrical and sometimes reminding of jazz divas. This journey would not be complete without a skillful musician crew bringing its special touch to the mix. The link between Afro American music and traditional west African rhythms is the ideal basis for a music filled with soul, that’s what Inner Quest is all about.

Rachel Fandi : Singer & song writer
Olivier Rousseau : Rhodes & arrangements
Meivelyan Jacquot : Drum & percussions
Mathieu Lagraula : Guitar
Jeff Vincendeau : Bass


mathieu lagraula2
Mathieu Lagraula
Meivelyan-Jacquot2 copie
Rachel Fandi
Olivier Rousseau
Olivier Rousseau
jeff vincendeau copie
Jeff Vincendeau