Rachel Fandi

Rachel Fandi singer song writer, of French and Beninese origines has been singing the Soul with passion since her teenage years. She is drawn to singing in a wide variety of styles, from Classical music to Jazz. She began her classical singing training at the Conservatoire of Nantes, She left soon after being told that she had to dedicate herself exclusively to classical singing. She was not willing to turn her back on Soul Funk, Gospel. She then met with a trio of Jazz musicians, they formed a band called « Yachamak » She began to perform successfully with well over 180 concert in four years and began to play in festivals such as « les Rendez-vous de L’Erdre » of Nantes France.
Meanwhile she also featured as a background vocalist recording in renown Senegalese Touré Kunda’s « Sili Béto » album. The French singer Philippe Katrine, on the album « Mes mauvaises fréquentations » and toured with French singer Lio.
A vocal female project came to fruition : The « 5.pm Quartet » with Jazz and Gospel influence (Festival d’été de Nantes). She begins to write songs in collaboration with singer Producer Albert Magitser, an EP is released with a mix of Afro / Gospel /soulful flavours in 1996.
She then left Paris to land in Chicago, immersed herself in the African American culture for several years. Among her musical encounters she worked with the «  Primeridians » an underground Hip Hop highly conscious crew spreading wisdom. She featured in « Da Allnighta. » album in 2004.
Back to France in 2008, she featured in the « Mukta’s  » album « Invisible worlds », of Jazz and traditional Indian influences.
She then came back to Jazz with « Blue Room Quartet. » which performed at the Unesco’s Jazz festival in Bologne Italy in 2013, Rendez- Vous de l’Erdre festival …
In 2013 she connects to her pianist friend Isabelle Fievet for a duet, with Jazz Soul songs and also classical lyric songs. She teaches singing at the Vertou school of music and danse and « Planète Jazz. » in Nantes.
She is one of the three sisters of the Sand Sisters sextet performing a 40’s swing style (Europa Festival in Le Mans, Rendez- Vous de l’Erdre )…
In 2015, she gathers a new team around her original lyrics and melodies Afro Jazz Soul project called Inner Quest, it’s the opportunity to express her personal experience while making her favorite musics converge, a blends west African traditional rythmes, Soulful American music with a bit of classical lyric singing style.
Inner Quest made a residency in Cap Nort, Nort sur Erdre in 2015, played at the Redon festival…