Olivier Rousseau

Grew up, listening to a wide variety of musical styles such as Classical music, Rock and roll, and Jazz which turn out to be his three big brothers favorite musical genres. He studied the organ and followed a classical training in three different conservatoires : Nantes, Angers and Boulogne Billancourt, near Paris. He completed his studies in 1986 ; then explored the wide variety of musics from the American continent such as Jazz and all the music that stem from it (R§B, Soul, Funk, Bossa Nova, Salsa, Hip Hop…) He then chose to dedicate himself to Jazz and Piano.
He teaches piano at both conservatoires of Challans (2007-2015) and at La Roche Sur Yon. Olivier teaches Jazz piano and directs a Jazz and pop music workshop at the Maison des arts of Challans.
He currently plays in numerous Jazz bands as well as pop music (Gospel, french songs, Soul, latino music)
Olivier is an arranger in several bands : Les Glams, Emma Braud, and plays with Nathalie Old quartet, Jean Pierre Gateaux quintet, Fred Renard quintet and others…